Our chart

  1. Promote an independent and world class European Public Service;
  2. Propose an evaluation/promotion exercise which is simpler, clearer and more transparent;
  3. Make tasks more attractive and increase work satisfaction;
  4. Request less bureaucracy and simplified procedures;
  5. Speed up careers;
  6. Protect the legitimate rights of Contract Agents and Temporary Agents;
  7. Improve the services of the Sickness Insurance Scheme and PMO and establish a more user-friendly and efficient social policy;
  8. Require more places in the crèches, the after-school child care facilities and the European schools;
  9. Harness the experience of colleagues reaching the end of their career;
  10. Request new services and facilities that are already available at the Council or the European Parliament: sports centre, travel agencies…and an improvement of existing services (catering, cafeterias...).