Working Environment


A meaningful social dialogue respectful of staff representatives

The last reform of the Staff Regulations crushed staff interests. In the context of the hurried adoption of the implementing legislation (commonly called General implementing Provisions GIPs or DGE) the reform changes were interpreted by the Commission in a much harsher manner than was adopted by other institutions.

FFPE calls for a re-opening of the GIPs and for the Vice President for Human Resources to protect staff by listening and restoring a dialogue between staff representatives and management.

A reduction of disparities resulting from staff regulation Reforms

Successive reforms in 2004 and 2014 of the Staff Regulations have resulted in a dramatic fall in conditions of recruitment and careers for new staff. This accentuates frustration and demotivation.
Everything must be done to repair these inequalities and allow our colleagues to benefit from worthy and rewarding professional careers.

Managing the precarity of Contract and Temporary Agents and Local Staff

The precarity of employment of many staff has reached unbearable limits and is adversely affecting the operation of the services. The Commission took its inspiration from United Nations models for such employment contracts; but these do not meet the needs of a European administration responsible for legislation.

Moreover, these staff needs a medium to long-term vision of their career prospects.

FFPE is opposed to this development and calls for the organisation of internal and external competitions to give these colleagues a chance to become officials. FFPE also calls for mobility between institutions and other agencies without loss in grade and recognition of colleagues’ experience and grade when changing post.

A coherent policy for all Agencies

Many tasks have been delegated to the implementing agencies - some more important than simple implementation!

The administration has buried the dossier that ought to have ensured transparent governance of agencies: what about the careers of agency personnel? Contractual agents and also officials? What is their protection against harassment, especially if their independence is being questioned? FFPE calls for the re-opening of this case and clear and logical guidelines.


The promotion of a multicultural environment

Europe is united in diversity: multi-culturalism supports peace and prosperity, and the enriching exchange of ideas and cultures. FFPE strives to maintain multi-lingualism in our institutions and will continue to fight for the right to express different opinions, and will defend the values of tolerance and humanism.


Actions promoting a positive image of the European civil servants

In the wake of anti-European movements, negative articles, speeches and discriminatory acts proliferate in the press and in public places. This is reinforced by the passivity and even complicity of the administration when it refers to us as "haves" and does nothing to counter the unfounded attacks! Consequently, colleagues feel misunderstood, guilty, despised, and even harassed with all that implies in loss of confidence.

FFPE calls for the administration and the College to restore the image of European institutions and staff to their rightful place.