Career & Promotion


Coherent and motivating career paths for all

Colleagues wish to work in a field they like where they can bring their skills to bear, rather than being at the mercy of re-organisations and ever-changing policies. Career prospects should be stimulating and respectful of the talents and aspirations of staff. We ask for the restoration of an effective career counselling service. We also call for clearer job descriptions which are updated regularly and correspond to the work actually performed.

Large numbers of AST and AST/SC staff face difficulties in managing their career progression. They are often over-qualified for their grade. A fluid career, a range of tasks and appropriate internal or external training adapted to their progress should therefore be offered to all.


A transparent and fair mobility policy

Mobility is a great opportunity to move along in your career and take on new dossiers and work in a new environment. Too often, vacancy procedures are little more than a sham in order to have additional candidates for interview leading to many colleagues becoming discouraged after several attempts and giving up in frustration. Selection decisions should be fair and not be a foregone conclusion based on personal or policy preferences. We demand a real market with an open publication of posts. The career guidance services should have the right to discuss available positions more broadly at a higher level.

A training policy enabling career evolution
Colleagues who spend much of their professional lives at the Commission must be able to receive training with a view to their future development and not just the immediate needs of the hierarchy. The training should not be granted at the expense of personal life, but be followed during, or counted as, working hours. If computer-learning is an interesting solution for a lot of training, it should not replace traditional methods.

The 2014 Staff Regulations provide for the recruitment of heads of unit at grade AD 8. It is essential that the Commission ensures that they can fulfil their duties. We ask that beyond their technical experience in a specific field, their human resource management capacity is demonstrated so that they can face up to the specific challenges of this multicultural organisation.


A fair promotion system and unlocking careers

The Staff Regulations specify in Annex IB the promotion rates to be applied. It is essential that these rates are respected by the Commission and that the guarantees on the average time spent in each grade offered by the previous Commissioners Kallas and Šefčovič are also respected.

Regarding careers capped by the 2014 Staff Regulations, we ask that the posts of Senior Expert and Senior Assistant are correctly and transparently made available.


Fair internal competitions and regrading for Contract staff

The recruitment of contract agents is expanding. What careers are they offered? The institution trains them a little, but benefits a lot from their efforts. Good human resource management should include mutual benefits! The Staff Regulations allow the opening of internal competitions to contract staff: this possibility should be put in place now and continue regularly!

The FFPE calls for specific CASTs allowing the re-classification of agents on indefinite contracts in line with their tasks and responsibilities.

Regarding internal competitions for temporary agents and officials, these should open annually, not only when the Commissioners change.


Harnessing the talents of all colleagues

The Vice-President in charge of Human Resources has announced that the Commission wishes to establish a policy to capitalise on staff talent; this must be applied to all and not just a select few!

Colleagues feel excluded by a spirit of artificial competition which is not compatible with public service. This state of affairs leads to demotivation and disaffection. We would like to see recognition of experience and a fair valuation of staff talent.