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Women´s Day - 8 March

"The day that we no longer celebrate Women's Day, we will have achieved perfect equality."

Ex-Commissioner Viviane Reding once remarked.


We are still far from that day !

In a more nuanced way, Simone de Beauvoir advised:

"Never forget that it only needs a political, economic or religious crisis to cast doubt on women's rights. These will never be acquired rights. You will have to stay vigilant your whole life."

The Court of Justice condems the practices of the Commission's Investigatory and Disciplinary Office. Why judgment T-270/16P is so important for you!

The judgment of 14 February 2017 concerns a case that the Federation defended before the highest jurisdiction of the European legal order. It condemns the Commission for the Investigatory and Disciplinary Office's excesses.

Theme of the day: hospital billing

The FEDERATION seeks via this information note to ensure the long term viability of our sickness insurance scheme (JSIS) and to enable you to take informed decisions.
We are very attached to our sickness insurance scheme, the JSIS, and wish to see it work well and in a sustainable manner for the benefit of all colleagues.

The key points that motivate us are: