Better late than never, our Administration has taken on some of the material aspects of teleworking to better adapt the rules to the particular conditions imposed by the lockdown.
The first step is the reimbursement of the cost of a computer screen and an ergonomic chair. Other complementary measures are in preparation for 2021.

The material aspect must indeed be addressed, but this is not enough...

The Court of Justice condems the practices of the Commission's Investigatory and Disciplinary Office. Why judgment T-270/16P is so important for you!

The judgment of 14 February 2017 concerns a case that the Federation defended before the highest jurisdiction of the European legal order. It condemns the Commission for the Investigatory and Disciplinary Office's excesses.

Bending down before the powerful while bullying the weak augurs nothing good for the future

The Commission's 2017 work programme has a promising title: "Delivering a Europe that protects, empowers and defends".
The FEDERATION naturally warmly supports those political goals. But, to maximise the chances of success, the Commission needs to engage staff in delivering that programme. To do so, it would be wise for the Commission to show the way by making it its new year's resolution for 2017 to apply those noble aims within the institution by: Delivering a Commission that protects, empowers and defends staff!