Conference Neuronutrition for optimal brain function 26 April 2018

The Federation invited you to attend the Conference on 26 April 2018 on

Neuronutrition for optimal brain function : How to prevent burnout ? presented by Ms Myriam Francotte PhD - Naturopath ND Vice President of the Belgian Union of Naturopaths (UNB)

We all long for an optimal physical and mental health, but we often complain about brain weaknesses : memory loss, brain fog, lack of motivation, poor concentration, anxiety…. Like your body, your brain has very specific food requirements. Eating right can profoundly improve your brain health and the quality of your life. Learn which foods to increase in your diet and which to avoid to sustain a high brain performance and avoid burnout. So, what should be on the menu?

You will find here the Video and supporting documentation

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