The attacks of 22 March 2016

A year later, is our security and that of our children sufficiently taken into account?
The 22 March will mark a sad anniversary, that of the attacks at Zaventem and in the Maelbeek metro station, which caused so much physical and psychological damage. Some of our colleagues were among the victims of those barbaric acts. We wish to reconfirm our sympathy for, and solidarity with, all the victims and their families.

Attentats du 22 mars 2016

Un an après, notre sécurité et celle de nos enfants sont-elles suffisamment prises en compte ?
Nous connaîtrons le 22 mars prochain un bien triste anniversaire, celui des attentats de Zaventem et du métro Maelbeek, qui ont causé tant de dégâts, physiques comme psychologiques. Certains de nos collègues ont compté parmi les victimes directes de ces actes barbares. A toutes les victimes et leur famille nous voulons redire toute notre émotion et toute notre solidarité.

Why judgment T-270/16P (here) is so important for you!

The Court of Justice condems the practices of the Commission's Investigatory and Disciplinary Office
Why judgment T-270/16P (here) is so important for you!
The judgment of 14 February 2017 concerns a case that the Federation defended before the highest jurisdiction of the European legal order. It condemns the Commission for the Investigatory and Disciplinary Office's excesses.

OPEN LETTER to the Presidents and Secretaries General of the EU institutions

Mr Jean Claude Juncker
Mr Alexander Italianer

European Parliament:
Mr Antonio Tajani
Mr Klaus Welle

European Council
/ Council of the EU:
Mr Donald Tusk/ Mr Louis Grech
Mr Jeppe Tranholm-Mikkelsen

Committee of   the Regions:
Mr Markku Markkula
Mr Jiří Buriánek

Economic and Social Committee:
Mr Georges Dassis
Mr Luís Planas

Court of Auditors:
Mr Klaus-Heiner Lehne
Mr Eduardo Ruiz García

Court of Justice:
Mr Koen Lenaerts
Mr Alfredo Calot Escobar