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05/11/2015 | Legal advice & insurances consultation

We draw your attention to the fact that :

Consultations for legal advices and with the insurance broker are free and limited to FFPE paid up members and for maximum 30 minutes.

If you would like to benefit from this opportunity, please click on the link for registration for an appointment.

Please briefly outline the subject of your legal query.

The registration is based on a specific schedule.

Email regarding all questions about trainings and legal/broker advices:


Maître Rodrigues

Maître de Clippele

All questions related to: evaluations, promotions, art 90, pension,…

All questions related to the Belgian law:

individuals' rights; property rights; responsibility, insurances, road traffic; business law,…

10.11.2015 - (14:30-17:30)

13.11.2015 - (9:30-12:00)

Maître Rodrigues 10.11.2015

Maître De Clippele 13.11.2015