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04/02/2016 | IT'S TIME TO SPEAK OUT

Health & Well-beeing


The FFPE invites the Commission to act faster and harder to prevent psychosocial risks

As if the pressure resulting from new working time arrangements and an increased workload were not enough, at the same time posts are being eliminated, colleagues are not being replaced when they leave, particularly on retirement, career perspectives are shrinking, checks and suspicion are growing, administrative reforms are totally opaque and too often a fait accompli, and too many colleagues are being side-lined…

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04/05/2015 | Dégradation des services et conditions de travail au PMO

Health & Well-beeing > Health insurance-JSIS

We are concerned by the deterioration in the service provided by, and working conditions at, the PMO.

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20/11/2014 | CONFERENCE - Burn-out et Nutrition

Health & Well-beeing

The FFPE invites you to attend

the conference

Burn-out and Nutrition

Presented by

Mrs Véronique Liesse


Friday 20th February

From 12:45 to 14:00

Rue de la Loi 80

(Grande salle du CCP/CLP)

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11/06/2010 | Les états généraux sur la politique sociale

Health & Well-beeing

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09/03/2009 | Flexitime

Health & Well-beeing > Time management-Flexitime-Part-time work

FFPE has always been in favour of flexitime which gives, in particular for parents with young children, a very much appreciated flexibility making possible to reconcile family and working life. However behind flexitime a potential risk is hidden: that of schedule “policing”, a practice to which FFPE has always been firmly opposed.
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14/09/2008 | Position of the FFPE concerning Sickness insurance

Health & Well-beeing > Health insurance-JSIS

The FFPE defend the widest possible covering of all personnel in the intitutions. She emphasis also the free choise of therapies, including alternative therapies when efficient. Concerning reimbursements, she continue her fight for a sickness insurance scheme independant but compatible with the european health card, and a fast reimbursement, even direct reimbursement with guichet open in every pole of institutions.
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09/08/2011 | Holidays

Health & Well-beeing

Décision de la Commission portant création des dispositions d'application en matière de congés. C(2004) 1597

Décision de la Commission relative aux dispositions d'application en matière de congés. (C(2010) 7495 final)
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