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16/03/2015 | Flash Info - 16.03.2015

Social, Family & Children

Childcare services (Nurseries and garderies)

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13/03/2015 | 2015 is the European Year for development

Social, Family & Children

In this context the FFPE invites you to support the following initiative:

270 young people from Belgium participate in "do it with Africa/Asia"

After one year of training, 270 young people stemming from 91 schools of Belgium will leave for 3 weeks in Benin, Burkina Faso, India, Morocco, Madagascar or Senegal to discover the everyday life of the populations, to meet and exchange with young local people of their age and to contribute with concrete gestures of solidarity through construction works: reforestation, arable farming, children's activities, etc.

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05/03/2015 | The education of young girls project in Uvira (RDC-Kivu)

Social, Family & Children

The project "Education of young women as workers in Uvira", led by IDAY-Kivu (a Congolese Woman and Children protection organisation (WCP)) and the Soroptimist, is designed to give young women a basic education (literacy and seam) and to conduct advocacy to the authorities for introducing measures to protect workers. The challenge is to help recognise their work as a profession and thus to protect children, and especially girls, to exercise this profession.

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11/06/2010 | Les états généraux sur la politique sociale

Social, Family & Children

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19/01/2010 | Allocations for children having difficulties at school

Social, Family & Children > European schools | Nurseries & after school child-care | Family follow-up

The parents of children who are confronted with specific difficulties at school which no longer allow them to pursue their studies in the European schools or those parents who, due to their place of employment are not in a position to send their children to a European school can receive, subject to certain conditions, a financial assistance towards covering such exceptional schooling costs. This scheme is managed by the Social Service upon the examination of a specific request introduced together with the relevant supporting documents. The relevant Regulation and the forms to be filled in are available on "MyIntracomm" under the heading "My IntraComm > RH and Administration > personal Family and business > psychological and social Aid > financial Aid"

The files introduced are being examined once a year by an Advisory Joint Committee. The exact deadline for introducing the files relating to the past school year will be published in the course of the month of April on "MyIntracomm".

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03/02/2006 | The FFPE is listening

Social, Family & Children > European schools

We are well aware of the fact that last year already there were not enough places in the Brussels European schools to meet the demand by entitled parents and that this year will be even worse, given that the lack of places has increased and that the Commission
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