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Budgetary constraints too often at the expense of the human factor!

A number of tasks continues to be further outsourced by the Commission: security guards, canteens, drivers, IT, crèches, etc. To this list we can add the tasks already delegated to the Executive Agencies and the Offices (OIB, PMO, OIL…), which operate as semi-privatised bodies (albeit not always very effectively).

The Juncker Commission is aiming at laying down the foundations for new working methods based on key performance indicators and a never-ending refocussing exercise with a view to address Member States' political objectives.

The FFPE is not against an efficient and rational use of resources and this new model could be acceptable, but only if the colleagues who will be asked to adjust to these new working arrangements will not simultaneously have to be preoccupied with a number of other problems such as:

1. The relocation of their offices and the sometimes huge impact on their family lives;

2. The overcrowding of the nurseries and after-school care centres resulting in children being sent to sites other than the ones chosen by their parents and/or far away from their homes;

3. The lack of affordable and harmonised prices for the in-house catering services, especially for lower income colleagues which now represent a large part of our staff;

4. An increasing number of administrative tasks, that are not part of their job descriptions, are being imposed on them without prior consultation.

The main argument for this constant remodelling of our working environment always turns around budgetary savings. However, in the European Parliament and in some national administrations certain services are being brought back in-house, after a more in-depth cost/benefit analysis taking into account all factors in particular the human factor!

The FFPE calls upon President Juncker and VP Georgieva to carry out a genuine in-depth cost/benefit analysis and to seriously consider the impact on the well-being and work/life balance of the staff members and their families before taking prima facie cost-saving measures under the cover of rationalization, streamlining, simplification, efficient use of HR through centralisation and externalisation.

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