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09/02/2016 | New internal competitions

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New internal competitions

Notices for three internal competitions have been published in the Administrative Notices. For the first time ever, they are open to Commission Contract Agents in Function Groups II, III and IV, as well as to Officials and Temporary Agents.

Read a message to staff from DG HR on the new competitions.

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03/12/2014 | First meeting with VP Georgieva, Vice-President for Budget and Human resources

Carreers & Promotions

The FFPE participated late November along with other Trade Unions and representatives of the Staff Committees in the first meeting with VP Georgieva.

The Vice-President clearly demonstrated her interest to improve the Commission as a workplace and addressed similar points than the ones referred to in her recent video to staff, in particular:

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07/05/2014 | Transparency, fairness and efficiency in the recruitment and management of Contract Staff in DG RTD

Carreers & Promotions > Contractual agents

Many colleagues have alerted us to the issue of internal management and recruitment of Contract Staff within DG RTD, complaining about the lack of transparency, fairness and efficiency in the procedures used within the DG over the previous months.
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30/01/2015 | Recruitment, posting and career policy for contract staff

Carreers & Promotions > Contractual agents | Recrutement policy

Recruitment, posting and career policy for contract staff:

the FFPE insists on immediate action

Contract staff are numerous within the Commission and permanent part of its departments. It is therefore indispensable and urgent for the College to take them into consideration and for DG HR to make use of the possibilities offered by the new Staff Regulations in 2015!

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11/06/2010 | Les états généraux sur la politique sociale

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07/06/2007 | The CDR, version proposed by FFPE

Carreers & Promotions > Promotion | Evaluation-CDR

The FFPE ask for a simple CDR system and a planified carreer at start.
We propose a system as defined by the European parilament.
For instance:
  • 0 to 3 points
  • Everyone receives 2 points per default unless justified (exceptionnal 3, weak 1 or 0)
  • Promotions every i.e. 10 points

That our administration tells us that it is not possible is not true as, in other circonstances, when faced to a wall and a necessity, they found the political courrage to make the unbelieavable reality!
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20/05/2009 | How to react to your CDR

Carreers & Promotions > Evaluation-CDR | Promotion

For those who are not happy with the resultst of their CDR (R&D-Alliance version!), FFPE is providing a canevas for reacting.
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