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20/05/2009 | How to react to your CDR

Evaluation-CDR | Promotion

For those who are not happy with the resultst of their CDR (R&D-Alliance version!), FFPE is providing a canevas for reacting.
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02/04/2009 | CDR-Evaluation-Promotion

Evaluation-CDR | Promotion

A FAQ of some questions received.

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01/03/2009 | Training sessions

Conferences | Trainings | Books

The FFPE organises around 4 trainings sessions per year. Globally, in the spring, in the summer, in autumn and in winter. The books are in support of those trainings. Conferences, either general or specific completes the training sessions.

All our actions are reserved to paid up members, unless otherwise announced.

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11/12/2007 | Legal assistance

Lawyer consulting

Package "the legal Councils" of the FFPE
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